Adopting 5G Network Technology in Britain

Tech London Advocates (TLA) and Interxion have launched this dedicated Working Group of investors, leaders, entrepreneurs, policymakers and mobile operators to address challenges of and campaigning for the opportunities of 5G technology in Britain.


Background: Earlier this year, research conducted by Barclays demonstrated that by 2025, superfast 5G networks could add £15.7 billion to the UK economy. Yet, there are critical hurdles to be addressed before 5G is available across Britain – notably extensive infrastructure investment, a clear funded national strategy and increased knowledge amongst enterprises of 5G’s merits.

The launch of the Tech London Advocates and Interxion 5G Working Group was held on 28 November at the prestigious venue, The Chamber at City Hall.

The event was sponsored by the Interxion Group, with Andrew Fray, MD of Interxion UK giving Russ Shaw a warm welcome!


It was a very informative evening with a welcome address to the group from Founder of the TLA, Russ Shaw. He gave the background of Tech London Advocates (TLA) and Global Tech Advocates with the inception of the 5G Working Group.

“The tech titans of the US and China have unquestionably stolen a march on the UK and are hurtling forwards with the roll-out of 5G for both consumers and businesses. This new collective of advocates will lay a stake in the ground for UK tech and campaign to unlock 5G in the UK.”

Introduction from Interxion Connectivity Director and 5G Working Group Chairperson, Caroline Puygrenier. Highlighting the key objectives of the group, Caroline touched on key challenges London and the UK has with 5G roll out, which will be addressed across the 2020 5G WG Programme.


“5G technology has been hailed as an enabler for the 4th Industrial Revolution, supporting the digitalisation of enterprises. However, the main emerging use case so far has been consumer-related, as we download and consume content at much faster speeds than with 4G.

Together, Interxion and TLA have the expertise, the technical infrastructure and membership network to support businesses across Britain to unlock crucial opportunities from 5G.”

A snapshot (online) survey carried out for attendees showed infrastructure and equipment availability seen by the audience as the biggest challenge for 5G in 2020.

Keynote 1: Peter Curnow-Ford, Managing Partner of Viatec
Peter explained the groundbreaking 5G deployments across the UK, alongside DCMS, with Mobile Operators using 5G at specific locations. This used major transport corridors with £25Million Government funding for Testbeds, Smart Cities. He highlighted the research by King’s Collage London prioritising across its 5G R&D department, headed up by 5G world leader Mischa Dohler.

Keynote 2: Ed Ellis, BT Director of Strategy
Ed touched on the developments BT/EE was making with its 5G roll out. He also highlighted the challenge of facilitating Generation Z’s demand for high definition services and the need to futureproof the network as new services such as AI and VR become mainstream.


The keynotes were followed by the Board panel where Caroline Purgrenier hosted discussions from Panellists
Nicolas Bombourg, MD of Budde Com
Kurtis Lindqvist, CEO of LINX
Arron Partouche, 5G & Edge Bus. Director of Colt
Russ Shaw, Founder of TLA
Andrew Fray, MD of Interxion UK.

Keypoints discussed:

  1. Business case needs adoption of Use case for VR and AI technologies.
  2. Fibre Providers will be affected since change will be disruptive for ecosystem.
  3. Speed of adoption will need to balance Consumer vs Enterprise and customer segments to differentiate.
  4. This is a hugely important and exciting opportunity, we just need to work collaboratively across the UK.
  5. It will transform industries and mobile experiences, but will need to address bandwidth issues and Video consumption.
  6. Best Use cases will cover ‘Mission Critical’ services and other Use cases could involve IoT connected devices for Ambulance settings and Entrepreneur use cases i.e Autonomous vehicles.

The event closed with Networking Drinks and Canapés

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