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Just Add Parents

15th Jun 2020

The campaign, Just Add Parents, is a response to the need for schools and parents to engage with one another at a higher intensity than ever before. The need for a more open, inclusive relationship between school and parents has been acknowledged for decades but now it has become highly relevant, with home learning suddenly a core part of our education system. There are brilliant heads who have the energy and willing to go the extra mile, to build an active and close-knit parent community. We’re launching with a senior teacher and a head teacher. Our insight is that we offer a potentially transformative combination: communication and community engagement knowledge from the private sector, particularly built up around innovative tech companies, combined with insights and examples from schools who already get this and are doing it well.

Right now, we’ve launched a series of free training workshops for any head teacher, teacher or governor to attend via Zoom. Details of the first one are on our website. We’ve gathered a summary of the campaign with links to help people get involved and spread the word. If anyone visits this page, they can send the details on to any schools they are involved with, share via social media today or sign up to get details of the Zoom workshops as they are announced.

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