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Introduction to End Point Assessments for Apprenticeships

13th Jun 2020

Apprenticeships are distinct from other professional training programmes as they are assessed holistically (not just through exams) and by an independent assessment organisation. Training providers are not permitted to “mark their own homework” and part of the levy funding charged by the provider must be used to pay for End Point assessment.


To be able to act as an EPAO your organisation will need to be assessed and meet the criteria to join the Register of End Point Assessment Organisations. You will need to register for each standard you wish to assess separately.

The methods used for End Point Assessment of each standard vary, depending on the criteria set out on the IfATE page. 


You will need to ensure that assessments are fair and that any reasonable adjustments required are accommodated.


There are some established players in the EPAO sector so it can be worth researching best practice from their examples. There are also plenty of organisations keen on supporting apprenticeships who provide support and guidance to both providers and EPAOs, such as FE news which shares details of any upcoming changes.

ApprenticeshipsIntroduction to End Point Assessments for Apprenticeships