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Hacker House – Hands-On Hacking Course

23rd Jul 2020

Learn practical ethical hacking skills online with Hacker House:

Course Description

Hacker House Hands-On Hacking course is an intensive introductory course that teaches applied hacking methodologies in a hands-on practical orientated approach. Our course is engineered from decades of experienced cyber security practitioner’s knowledge to educate students on common cyber security tasks. Our course is delivered by expert hackers to prepare students on adversarial thinking and equip them for tasks conducted in a number of different cyber security roles. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that each student is adequately prepared and capable of performing several applied hacking concepts to real- world problems. We teach the theoretical concepts required for each assessment activity, provide instructor led demonstrations and then hands-on practical labs to be completed. Our course lab contents and modules are downloadable and can be re-used by students to continue learning beyond the course.

Our labs are provided as an educational resource to further enhance student learning and as a reference material for on-the-task assessment activities in future. We teach you how to hack into computers so you can better defend against and understand the methodologies used by hackers to breach systems.

Student Pre-requisites

We teach students from a grounds-up approach meaning you are not necessarily an expert in the technology field. Our students have come from all manner of technical environments or are currently attempting to enter industries in technical job roles. We however do require that students can demonstrate technical proficiency and are comfortable with computing tasks. To benefit the most from our course as a student you should be comfortable with the following topics:

  • Basic TCP/IP networking
  • Comfortable using Linux and performing general computer administration tasks
  • Knowledge of programming languages are an advantage but not essential

As this is an introductory course designed for training people into junior and mid-level positions in the cyber security field, you should be competent with configuring your computers network interfaces and doing routine administration tasks beforehand.

If you do not understand basic concepts of computers and networking such as “what is an IP address”, “how to list files and processes” or “what is a firewall” then it is advised to take a course in Linux fundamentals and TCP/IP networking before approaching our course. If you can answer the example questions above then this course is likely suitable for you. Typical students attending our course are working in or towards jobs within IT and technology realms.

Hardware Requirements

You hardware that meets the following recommended minimum technical specifications to complete our course:

  • 2 or more CPU cores (Intel i3 & above recommended)
  • At least 2-4gb of RAM
  • Approximately 40-50gb free hard disk space (you may be ok with less)
  • Virtual Box (

You can try a sample of our practical components to assess your suitability before buying the course. This module is intended to be challenging to our students and so do not be worried if you do not complete all of the module, it is intended as a guide to show you what the course is about.


We teach how to conduct network and application security assessments from a real-world scenario driven hacker’s approach. Students who complete our course leave with a core competency of skills that are applicable to many cyber security roles. Students will have performed a number of practical hands-on assessment activities covering different network perspectives and aimed at understanding the how’s and why’s of how breaches occur. Students completing this course will leave with an understanding of performing the following assessment activities:

  • Open-source Intelligence Review
  • External Infrastructure Assessments
  • Internal Infrastructure Assessments
  • Web Application Assessments
  • Perform a Penetration Test

Our course will leave students with a clear understanding of the fundamentals in performing security assurance exercises against a range of technologies. This can help assist you with deploying secure platforms, assessing company infrastructure for weaknesses and defending assets such as databases or servers.

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