Young People


EdTech & Grassroots


Discover Code

DiscoverCode will enable young people to acquire skills that will make them highly sought after professionals in their chosen discipline. 

Innovation Roundtable

A candid roundtable discussion on innovation and disruptive thinking

Students in Robotics seminar

In this webinar you will be able to see presentations from EIGHT BRITISH ROBOTICS COMPANIES

World Education Summit

Stay at the very forefront of education. Let's make 2021 a year of learning.

Webinar: Early careers – How to get into a digital tech or ICT career


Early careers in digital and IT is more than just getting young people interested in an ICT based career. There are many people now looking to reskill or upskill in order to transition to digital and IT roles or some change from a previous role to something new where they need support and training. What […]

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