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The Ed Tech Demonstrator Programme

20th Jun 2020

The Ed Tech Demonstrator Programme includes a network of schools and colleges across England who exhibit effective practice in the use of technology.

The programme was announced last year to boost peer-to-peer support on the effective use of technology and has now been tailored to help schools and colleges provide education remotely.

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‘The programme is designed to help schools develop their strategy for Education Technology and through an approach which is completely platform agnostic. We can work with schools to develop an approach to technology which not only enhances their teacher learning in school, but also builds a strategy which can develop and continue to grow over the coming years.’

David Maguire, Headteacher of Coupals Primary Academy

I would encourage schools and Colleges to sign up for the program to learn from peers to collaborate, to get different ideas and different perspectives from people who have been doing it a little bit longer and have made mistakes, taken risks.

This technology enables great teaching and learning if used in the right way. Now we’ve used that for the last five years, Basingstoke College of Technology, and we’re really keen to share with all schools and colleges how it can be used to enhance every single subject to improve all student outcomes.’

Scott Hayden from Basingstoke College of Technology

The Demonstrator Schools and Colleges will provide professional development, initially focussed on supporting the effective delivery of remote teaching practices to schools and colleges across the country. The programme will target schools and colleges who are most in need of support; for example, those getting to grips with using a new online learning platform and those with the most disadvantaged learners.

The Programme will include:

  • advice, guidance and training including a mix of group support through webinars, recorded content and peer to peer discussions. It will include content on the use of online learning platforms, digital safety, supporting the needs of pupils with SEND and how to promote pupil and teacher wellbeing during remote teaching.
  • a universal offer of support, provided by the Delivery Partners and delivered through this website. This offer will draw on the work of the Demonstrator Schools and Colleges and will provide schools and colleges across the country with access to recorded tutorials, advice and guidance aimed at supporting effective remote working.

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