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Here you can find best-in-class resources supporting distance & classroom learning, home schooling and a directory of EdTech organisations and extra-curricular STEAM opportunities and events.
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Great for teaching KS2 and KS3 Literacy, PSHE, Citizenship, SMSC, Geography, R.E. and Art. Lyfta is a computer and tablet-based platform where teachers and pupils can explore immersive, human-focused documentary stories from around the world. It challenges children to think, and explore complex issues, for example, around gender, race, bias – as well as enabling children to explore real environments and ‘meet people from around the world that they may not ever experience in real life.’

SISRA Observe is a bespoke system that supports schools and MATs CPD processes – from recording and analysing all types of observations, to identifying individual CPD needs and self-reflection. It gets to the heart of reducing teacher workload by systematising activities previously paper or spreadsheet based.

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