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12th Aug 2020


From Fortnite to Spotify, Just Eat to Instagram – these amazing platforms started with a single line of code.

In a world where more and more things are becoming digitised, there couldn’t be a better time to start your journey to becoming a business-ready technical professional.

We’ve designed our courses to create a solution to the digital skills gap. That means you’ll learn everything you need to graduate as work-ready talent and secure a great role in tech.  


We work directly with employers in need of tech talent to engineer business-led training courses and provide a genuine solution to their recruitment challenges. 
We create employable talent on demand, customise the tech stack of your new hires and then give it away for free. Like recruitment… but better.


Not all Apprenticeships were created equal.

Our unique approach creates employable talent in 12 weeks. Utilising our Virtual Learning Environment and campus environments we create the next generation of technical professionals.

As an employer you get to invest in the training and development of your workforce, and Code Nation will provide you with access to a talent pool of individuals available nowhere else.


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