TLA Education Group has over 200 Advocates and the Leadership team works on activities that fits the TLA Ed objectives.

Jo Tasker

Jo Tasker

Co-Lead – Jo is Managing Director – Jo Tasker Consulting Ltd. She works across property, construction and technology – helping clients develop their business strategically, to find growth opportunities in new or existing sectors. Email:

Ade Awokoya  Co-Lead TLA Education  at Tech London Advocates

Ade Awokoya

Co-Lead – Ade is Founder, LBAcademy Ltd – a social enterprise bridging the digital skills gap with a Business Growth Hub. With a mission for social inclusion by providing a Learning & Development portal.

Jules Wix

Jules Wix

Co-Lead – Jules is Learning & Development, Talent and Apprenticeship Specialist. This includes using AI to deliver data science apprenticeships and developing technology and innovative learning interventions.

Please do make the team aware of activity, which fits the TLA Ed objectives. We also welcome contributions to our Blog. For further information; partnership opportunities or to join the group as an Advocate, please contact using TLA ED in the subject line.

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Ghislaine Boddington, Mark Martin

Learning Curve: The Education Challenge

In 2014 the TLA event focused on education and digital skills. Learning Curve: Realising London’s Potential to Bloomberg LP’s European Headquarters.

London’s most influential tech experts, professionals and investors came together to explore solutions to the capital’s tech talent shortage and contribute to the panel sessions.

Intro by Russ Shaw, Founder TLA
“I started tech London advocates because I felt that we needed the private sector to really come together across the broad tech ecosystem where today’s conference is called learning curve and specifically looking at the education challenge our concern is that we don’t have enough people who have the depth of digital skills that we are going to need to ensure that London is a vibrant technology city”.

End quote by Nick Giles Co-Founder Seven Hills
“Thank you very much I wish we had a lot longer I think the great benefit I’m seeing from tech London advocates is the enthusiasm to make a difference if we can now tap that enthusiasm and connect it directly to schools to teachers and young people it can make a massive difference”.

“I think delegates hopefully will take away a message today about the importance of education and digital skills in terms of building a robust workforce for the future. This is the glue that’s going to hold us all together this is the foundation that’s going to enable us to build a private sector-led tech ecosystem for London and beyond”.