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A Parents’ Guide to Apprenticeships

14th Jun 2020

Young people often look to adults around them, including family, friends, teachers, careers advisors, for advice on how to transition into the world of work. Whilst college or university is a great option for some young people, it isn’t the right fit for everyone. Apprenticeships are often overlooked but can provide an alternative way to achieve equivalent qualifications (including degrees and masters) at the same time as earning and gaining valuable workplace experience.

Here are a couple of great resources where you can find out more:


  1. Apprenticeships are available in hundreds of specialisms, from Software Engineering to Social Work, or Horticulture to HR.
  2. Many apprenticeship programmes offer training at university and provide degree qualifications, without incurring debt.
  3. Apprenticeships are contracts with employers which include dedicated training time as well as work.
  4. Apprentices must be paid at least minimum wage and there is no training cost to the apprentice. They are even eligible for student discounts on shopping and travel.

There are multiple sources of information about apprenticeships aimed specifically at adults in a position to help young people evaluate apprenticeships.

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