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A New Approach On Hybrid Learning By Twin Science

17th Nov 2020

Now remote learning is being used at a global scale. Many schools are trying and implementing different learning approaches. hybrid learning is one of the most preferred model among blended learning, online learning, or flipped learning.

But what is hybrid learning? Compared with Remote learning, it is a comprehensive approach combining traditional experiences and digital world that emphasizes using the best option for each learning objective. It is the best parts of hands-on and online learning to create the ideal learning experience. The differentiating part is that hybrid learning experience is profoundly personalized and engaging.

During the pandemic, London-based ed-tech startup Twin Science was one of the leading platforms that benefited remote learning and fulfilled the need for a next-generation skill-based learning platform for students, parents, and educators.

Twin is a complete educational program which makes learning playful, individual, and wholesome. It’s made up of three parts: Twing app, Twin kits, and curriculums. All three work together, but children, parents, and teachers can use just one part if they prefer.

The Co-Founder and CEO Asude Altintas states “It’s obvious that the education system needs a rethink. It’s time for change and time to give children a new form of learning which is skill-based and integrated with humanitarian values. Children should develop future skills and use their skills for good. They will be the generation who solve the world’s social, environmental, and economic challenges. This is the ethos of our company. By 2025 we aim to become the leading ed-tech platform for K12. We will reach millions of children to help them discover their unique interest areas, offer every child a customized learning path so that they will be upskilled according to their talents and be ready to create better futures!”

With Twin, kids choose what they want to learn – whether they want to be a farmer or a physicist. Twin gives kids all the tools and access they need to learn the science behind the craft. This is why Twin focuses on both technological advancement and human compassion. Kids learn how to solve tomorrow’s environmental, social, and economic challenges in just and fair ways.

Twin partnered with Rolls-Royce, Ford, and Boeing to create robotics kits and collaborated with educational institutions like Imperial College London and University College London to develop their content. Twin also won the BETT Awards 2020, so-called “Oscars of Education”.

If you would like to invest in this growing market and be part of this journey, Twin is equity crowdfunding on Seedrs. It is currently 100% funded but you can still get involved and own a piece of Twin. Create an investor account and become a shareholder.

BlogA New Approach On Hybrid Learning By Twin Science